Toll Free Number
Toll Free Number
Toll Free Accessible Across India
Toll free is a Perfect branding tool as they are unique, easy to remember and. Your callers have never pay for the calls made on the number.
IVR & Auto Attendant:
First all those call which will come to your toll free number , that will be automatically answerd than after forward to your Customer care executive.
Missed Call Alerts via SMS & Email:
The call of your Each and every caller is logged in our system in details when you are not able to attend your incoming calls our Toll free system will send you a SMS reminding about the missed calls.
Call Recording:
The Full conversion can be recorded completely with our system which will be very helpful for business transaction at the time of work order placement.
Through our system , you can able to get the voice mail, when you are not able to take the call of your users.
Advance Call Forwarding:
You can set the priority of number , so that accordingly forward the call. The unwanted calls you can may Blacklisted & imported one White listed. So that can get Calls easily in each & every time.
Click To Call:
In our system we are also providing Click-to-call service allows you to connect with your website visitors and turning them in to paid customers.
Detailed Reports and Analysis:
Through our system you can get detail report of how many called anserd , ow many answered & what the conversation made? You can get the detail analysis report for charts with all those data as well as daily e-mail alerts with important notes.
Our system works 24x7, so even when you are not in your work place, idea Technosolutions Pvt.Ltd keep handling your business calls.