Missed Call alert
Missed Call Alert !!

Missed Call Service is using Varstly now a days . It is most convenient way to capture leads from the masses as

  • 1.There is no cost involved.
  • 2.Everybody can use it as dialing is most basic function of any phone.

Now Missed Call alert have came with a new version, where the u caller can get a Pleasant Voice Like" Thank You very much our Support team will be Co-ordinate with you shortly" . so that the Caller can have clear View that his call will be anser definitely & in the mean period the call will be transfer to any of your Executive. So there is ales chance to miss a valued business.

Missed Call Alert Service:
  • Idea Technosolutions will assign a number to the customer where its users can make calls.
  • Once the calls lands system will disconnect the calls and save the number from where the call came.
  • Idea Technosolutions will provide an User Interface from where customer can download the reports of all the missed calls for a defined duration.
  • Idea Technosolutionscan also setup an automatic response mechanism where after calls get disconnect, a pre-defined SMS will be sent to the caller's mobile number if he/she is calling from their mobile numbers.
  • Idea Technosolutions can also provide customer the callers details via API on real time basis.
  • Further the missed call number PRI line will be a dedicated number like local landline number such as 0674-206105 etc.
Key Features:
  • Integrated SMS response.
  • Available on local land line number, mobile number, or Toll Free number.
  • Comprehensive management and reporting UI.
  • URL forwarding option.