Bulk SMS
Bulk SMS Services

With mobiles deed comprehendible to almost every sec Human being, the strain of SMS is gearing up thus, straightaway seemly effective way of connection. It has the cognition to concur barriers of connection massively. It is the portion of distribution entropy in a form that the very message can arrive a lot more group.

Ever thought of sending a New Year greeting to 80-90 people without having to type the same message again and again well a simple answer to that query is "SMS Messaging System"or "Mobile Marketing". It allows you to send bulk messages in a very effective manner.

What can IdeaTechnosolutions Pvt.Ltd. do for you ?
  • Conceptualize the Campaign for you.
  • Provide all India wise Database as per your requirement.
  • Cleanup the Database against the Do Not Telephone Registry.
  • Program your communication to your Target Audiance.
  • Transparency Approval DLR Reports.
  • Our Bulk SMS Marketing service let's you focus on your business not the technical issues of sending out your mass bulk SMS.
  • Similarly send targeted SMS Event notification, Promotional or marketing campaign,Job alert notification etc that help in increasing business productivity.
  • No limit of contacts in the list to send SMS.
  • By blasting the SMS you can touch the huge mass of population.
  • The mass can identify you by your Corporate house name.
  • You can increase your public relation by wishing them on their Special days like Birth Days or Anniversary.
  • By This SMS you can also increase your market value.
  • The SMS can be composed by text, Unicode or picture Msg also.
  • The Delivery of Sent Message can be seen instantly like Msg Count,Dnd,Msg Credits balance ,Msg details, time of sending, delivery report in excel format, from date to to date
  • The guarantee of blasted message deliver or the undeliver msg will refund to your SMS account .
  • The SMS can be Scheduled in date,time,month or year wise.
  • The sender ID can be created more then one.
  • In Defult Sender Id it will display all the sender ID details.
  • In SMS account you can see the transaction Detail.
  • In your SMS account you can add Contacts like, Name, address, Number, Group, Email id, Birth day, Anniversary.
  • Bulk contact nos can be upload in excel format.
  • The Group name can be added .
  • MANAGE GROUPS (Manage group name.
  • The Message Template can also be managed.
  • Excel Sheet Import Can be done .
  • You can Edit or update your Profile information.
  • Support both national & International mobile network service provider to send bulk SMS.
  • Easily delivery of mass SMS from your PC to all users GSM/ CDMA mobile via windows compatible pocket PC.